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Primary Schools

Primary Schools

The Primary Programme works with state primary schools across Greater London and offers a range of projects for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes throughout the year. The programme offers many opportunities for enrichment with a focus on creativity across the whole primary curriculum.

The programme includes projects linked to National Theatre productions for primary and family audiences, opportunities to explore the process of making theatre and CPD for teachers.

Make Theatre Days

A great opportunity to give children in years 4-6 an active an exciting introduction to the backstage world of the National Theatre.

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Primary Workshop Make Theatre Day

Theatre First

An innovative learning programme for year 1 students, exploring different aspects of theatre, culminating in a unique performance at the National Theatre. 

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Theatre First Primary Schools

Primary Theatre: Romeo and Juliet

An innovative programme for state schools in London which offers children in years 4-6 a thrilling experience of Shakespeare in performance.

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Playmakers is a new project that follows a cross-curricular teaching sequence based on the novel Emil and the Detectives with a school production.

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Playmakers Emil and the Detectives performance