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National Theatre Together

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National Theatre Together

National Theatre Together is our ambitious campaign to raise vital funds for the NT and celebrate the brilliant work that we create together: with theatre-makers and communities, for young people and audiences everywhere.

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We continue to need the support of our friends and those closest to us, who share our belief in the power of theatre.


The Tree

Over 600 leaves will envelop the Lyttleton Foyer for our spectacular new art installation.

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Our nation thrives on fresh talent and new ideas
Together we can ignite the creativity of the next generation

I'm sure I speak for many teachers when I say how much I appreciate [New Views] and all the work that goes into it; it really is such an amazing opportunity for my students and gives them an incredible education in the work of theatre making, for which there is sadly so little time in our normal school curriculum. Thank you for all of your hard work and for your continued dedication at this difficult time.
Teacher, London

Find out more about our work for young people here.


Nothing brings us together like theatre
Together we can unite communities across the nation

2020 will no doubt be remembered for many things, but for those of us who have had the privilege of working alongside Public Acts, it [was] a truly memorable one, full of growth, stronger relationships, much creative activity, empathy and bags of joy! 
Sue, Public Acts participant


Find out more about our work with communities here.


Theatre-makers create stories we’ll never forget
Together we can empower artists and craftspeople to make world leading work

Reopening the NT with a story like Death of England; it's overwhelming and I was absolutely moved. Being able to tell stories like this was undoubtedly why I entered the industry when I was 16.
Clint Dyer, Deputy Artistic Director

Find out more about our work with theatre-makers here.



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Theatre is for all of us
Together we can share the very best of British theatre with audiences around the world

In my teenage days the NT was just about the only theatre I could afford to see and I loved it. However, the last few years have been truly remarkable. As a person of colour and child of Indian immigrants, the nature and type of plays which the NT puts on has made it a theatre which, for the first time in my experience, is a theatre for all. The NT is a beacon of inclusion and I know that I am not alone in believing this. I can’t wait to visit again. 
Pushpinder, NT audience member and supporter

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“UK theatre is world-class, and brings with it a bucket-load of economic and social benefits. The NT is a place full of amazing people and elicits enormous affection, pride and passion in audiences around the world. Therapeutic, educational and egalitarian — it is an organisation for the moment. Not many organisations can influence and change the world — we can. We are asking you to once again stand with us and equip us to do what we do best and shape a bright, creative future.”  

Rufus Norris and Lisa Burger 

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To discuss your support of National Theatre Together, please email us at [email protected]

The National Theatre strives for best practice in fundraising and is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.
We are transparent with our donors and supporters, ensuring that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

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