Mark Arnold

For the National: Angels in America

Other theatre includes: Companion Piece, The Inapprioriateness of Love, Oliver & Hannah, Spin Alley, Guests, Parent/Teacher, American Cheese, The Jukebox, Speaks Like Silence, The Love Cycle, As Is, The Wall, Some People, The Imaginary Woman, Bill W and Dr Bob, On the Brink, Groovaloo, A Yankee Trader, Absurd Person Singular, Burn This, Psychopathia Sexualis, Fran and Brian, I Hate Hamlet, The Mandrake, Speed-the-Plow, Love by the Bolt, Change from Routine

Obsession, 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover, The Assets, The Intern, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!, Criminal Minds, Rick's Place, Sarang Song, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas, Threat Matrix, Boy Meets World, Wings

Blade Runner 2, Justice League, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Double Face, Florence Foster Jenkins, Return of the Don, Abduct, Giving Up the Ghost, Genius, Mile End, Early Bird, The Buskers + Lou, Avenge, Dwelling: Jack the Gripper, Geraldine, OG Girls, The Gunrunner Billy Kane


(Published January 2017. Photo: Michael Wharley)