Nigel Whitmey

For the National: The Red Barn

Other theatre includes: Disgraced, Luce, The Lakeboat, Prairie du Chien, All Mouth, Double Cross, Relative Values, Other People, Disneyland It Ain't, The Cherry Orchard, Black Dahlia, Far Above Rubies, Salvation, A View from the Bridge

24: Live Another Day, En pilgrims död, Gracie, Kingdom, Le Grand, Midsomer Murders, Moonshot, Occupied, Spooks, Strike Back, The Assets, The Deep, The Philanthropist, The Wild West, Waking the Dead, Survivors

Never Let Go, Londn has Fallen, The Fifth Estate, Dark Shadows, Hamilton Trilogy, Knife Edge, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island, Land of the Blind, The Jacket, Octane, Shackleton, 51st State, Hotel, Attila, Shining Through, Jefferson in Paris, Surviving Picasso, Killer Tongue, Twilight of the Nymphs, Saving Private Ryan


(Published September 2016. Photo: Pete Bartlett)