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Audio-described performances

Audio-described performances

These performances have a live audio-description that can be heard through headphones. A Touch Tour is for blind and partially-sighted customers to familiarise themselves with the set ahead of the performance. 

Large print version of the Season Brochure

May - September 2018 is available here

Audio-Described version of the Season Brochure

Mayh - September 2018 is available as 6 tracks:
Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 5 and Track 6

Braille versions of our season brochures are also available

National Theatre Podcast

Listen to our Podcast, which explores how theatre connects to the big issues of our time.

National Theatre Access List

To book tickets at the Disabled concessionary rate, subscribe to our Access List. More information, and sign-up form.  Access List members should log in before selecting tickets.

We hold an allocation of seats for blind and partially-sighted customers. You can also book a free Touch Tour ahead of the performance.

Tel: 020 7452 3284




What is an Audio-Described Performance?

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