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The Marxist in Heaven by Hattie Naylor

Show graphics for Connections play 'The Marxist in Heaven'

The Marxist in Heaven by Hattie Naylor

The Marxist in Heaven is a play that does exactly what its title page says it’s going to do.  The eponymous protagonist ‘wakes up’ in paradise and once they get over the shock of this fundamental contradiction of everything they believe in…..they get straight back to work….and continue their lifelong struggle for equality and fairness for all….even in death.   Funny, playful, provocative, pertinent and jam-packed with discourse, disputes, deities and disco dancing by the bucketful, this upbeat buoyant allegory shines its holy light on globalization and asks the salient questions – who are we and what are we doing to ourselves?.....and what conditioner do you use on your hair?

Cast size: 20 speaking parts, plus unlimited non-speaking parts, any gender.

Suitable for all ages.

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Hattie Naylor

Hattie’s credits include The Night Watch (Manchester Royal Exchange) 2016, Going Dark with Sound&Fury (Fuel/Young Vic) 2014, As the Crow Flies (Pentabus) 2017, and Bluebeard (Gallivant/Bristol Old Vic) 2013.

Ivan and the Dogs (Soho Theatre/ATC) was nominated in the Olivier Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre, and won the Tinniswood Award in 2010. The film adaptation of the play: Lek and the Dogs, directed by Andrew Kötting, premiered at the London Film Festival 2018.

Other theatre productions include her gender swapping The Three Musketeers for The Dukes, nominated for National Theatre Awards 2018, Weighting with Extraordinary Bodies, national tour 2015/16, What am I worth, Extraordinary Bodies 2018 national tour and National Theatre Riverstage, and The Puppeteer with Blind Summit, international and national tour 2018/19. Her work as a librettist includes Picard in Space with Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) for the Electronica Festival at the Southbank 2012 and Radio 3. She has written extensively for BBC Radio 4 notably: Lullaby 2019, The Diaries of Samuel Pepys nominated Best Radio Drama 2012, and The Aeneid nominated Best Radio Adaptation, BBC Audio awards 2013.

Work in development: includes a new play for the integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies, Brewster’s Millions for Storyhouse, Bluebeard with Teatro di Roma and for television The Diaries of Samuel Pepys.

Hattie studied dance at Nottingham Trent University before going on to study Fine Art at the Slade School of Art.

She is an associate artist of Blind Summit and Extraordinary Bodies and is a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. She has taught internationally.