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Man to Man

A Wales Millennium Centre production

by Manfred Karge
translated by Alexandra Wood

From 12 to 23 September
Running Time: 75 mins

Man to Man

Manfred Karge’s Man to Man tells the story of Ella; a woman forced to adopt the identity of her dead husband in order to survive in Nazi Germany.

Compromising her own identity for survival, Ella is plunged into a new masculine world of beer, schnapps and poker; a claustrophobic existence dominated by the fear of discovery and the changing face of authority in a volatile twentieth century Germany.

Shunted from one memory to another, the audience experiences the full force of this all-consuming one-woman play, confronting the horror of the Second World War from a unique and deeply personal perspective.

Contains strong language and adult themes

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Produced by Pádraig Cusack

Wales Millennium Centre’s licence to present Manfred Karge’s Man to Man is granted by Rosica Colin Limited, London, by arrangement with henschel Schauspiel, Berlin.

5 star rating

This stunning revival. Destined for classic status

The Times
5 star rating

The main triumph is Maggie Bain’s. She sculpts her voice and body to become a cast of dozens

4 star rating

An excellent production of Manfred Karge's murky play with a gender swapping protagonist

Time Out
5 star rating

This is a political thriller par excellence

The Arts Desk
5 star rating

A beautifully mesmerising 75 minutes, which will leave the audience surprised, touched and enriched.

British Theatre Guide
5 star rating

Maggie Bain gives a bravura performance. An impressive performance in an even more impressive visual production.

The Stage

Man to Man Trailer 2017 - Wilton's Music Hall

Wilton's Music Hall presents a Wales Millennium Centre production

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Artwork photo by Polly Thomas

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