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Connections Festival 2019

From 25 to 29 June 2019
Running Time: all shows are 1 hour

Connections Festival 2019

Connections is the National Theatre's annual, nationwide youth theatre festival. Each year the National Theatre commissions ten new plays for young people across the UK to perform.

All tickets are £5.

Bringing together the work of leading playwrights, as well as exciting collaborations with top choreographers and composers, National Theatre Connections 2019 features work by brilliant artists. 

Ten young companies will come to the National Theatre to perform their productions of plays by Ben Bailey Smith and Lajaune Lincoln, Luke Barnes, Rob Drummond, Katie Hims, Dawn King, Benjamin Kuffuor, Nell Leyshon, Laura Lomas, Ketherine Soper and Tom Wells. 

All performances were captioned. 


The Plays performed as part of Connections 2019:

Variations by Katie Hims

Performed by Outwood Academy, Hemsworth 
Tue 25 June, 7pm

Thirteen-year-old Alice wishes her life was completely different. She wakes up one morning to find that her life is different. In fact, it's so different that all she wants to do is get back to normality.

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Flesh by Rob Drummond

Performed by Rare Studio, Liverpool
Tue 25 June, 8.30pm

A group of teenagers wake up in a forest with no clue how they got there. They find themselves separated into two different teams but have no idea what game they are expected to play.

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Class by Ben Bailey Smith and Lajaune Lincoln

Performed by Easy Street Theatre Company 
Wed 26 June, 7pm 

It’s school election time and while most of the school is busy enjoying their lunchbreak, a deadlock is taking place amongst the members of the school council.

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Stuff by Tom Wells

Performed by Bolingbroke Academy Theatre Company 
Wed 26 June, 8.30pm

Vinny's organising a surprise birthday party for his mate, Anita. It's not going well: his choice of venue is a bit misguided, Anita's not keen on leaving the house, and everyone else has their own stuff going on.

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The Small Hours by Katherine Soper

Performed by Kildare Youth Theatre Company 
Thu 27 June, 7pm

Their choices are small yet momentous. The hours are small but feel very, very long. And when the night finally ends, the future is waiting – all of it.

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terra / earth by Nell Leyshon and Choreography by Anthony Missen

Performed by ACTS
Thu 27 June, 8.30pm

A group of classmates is torn apart by the opportunity to perform their own dance. As they disagree and bicker, two distinct physical groups emerge and separate into opposing teams.

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Salt by Dawn King

Performed by Dimensions Performance Academy
Fri 28 June, 7pm

Life is never plain sailing, but when a new government initiative comes into place offering young people the chance to train and learn skills overseas, droves of teens jump at the chance to secure their future

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Chaos by Laura Lomas

Performed by Glasgow Acting Academy
Fri 28 June, 8.30pm

Chaos is a symphony of dislocated and interconnected scenes. A series of characters search for meaning in a complicated and unstable world. Bouncing through physics, the cosmos, love and violence, they find order in the disorder of each other.

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Ageless by Benjamin Kuffuor

Performed by Gulbenkian Youth Theatre
Sat 29 June, 7pm

In a not too distant future, Temples pharmaceutical corporation has quite literally changed the face of ageing. Their miracle drug keeps its users looking perpetually teenage.

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The Sad Club by Luke Barnes and Music by Adam Pleeth

Performed by Hall for Cornwall Youth Theatre 
Sat 29 June, 8.30pm

A collection of monologues, songs and duologues from all over time and space exploring what about living in this world stops us from being happy and how we might go about tackling those problems.

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