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Work Placement programme provide short learning opportunities in theatre, across a broad range of disciplines and departments.

Work placements are designed for students, recent graduates and those with little or no professional theatre experience.

Please note these are learning opportunities not roles, and are unpaid, with expenses.

  • Work Placements are for people aged 18 and over, and are offered in a variety of different departments.
  • If the department you are interested in is currently accepting applications for work placements please view the role outlines in the recruitment portal.
  • You will need a CV and covering letter submitted via the online portal to apply,  any applications made directly via the work placements email will not be accepted, otherwise they will be unable to be processed.
  • Each department will have different times in which they are accepting applications, it is not possible to accept speculative applications.
  • If the department you are interested in is not listed as accepting applications, please check back here soon, as there are regular updates made to this page.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Placements will NOT be available in Acting, Writing, Directing, Casting or Set Design.

We want our placements to be representative of all sections of society and welcome applications from everyone aged 18 and over.

Applying for a placement

If a department is accepting applications it will be linked to below, we do not accept speculative applications.

No departments are currently taking applications for placements. 

Applications open throughout the year for various departments on an ad-hoc basis, so please check this page regularly for updates.

If you have any questions not answered on this page or require any assistance with your application you can email We do endeavour to respond to all enquiries, however we do ask for your patience

Application guidance

In your application DO

  • Use the online portal to submit your application, you will need a CV and covering letter document.
  • Use your covering letter document to tell us how the National Theatre opportunity you are applying for fit into your plan? Do not worry if these plans are not fully formed, just ideas are good.
  • We welcome links to portfolios and proofs of work in your covering letter document, if you prefer this to writing a letter.
  • You are also welcome to include a link to you verbally explaining why this placement might be for you.  Just put the link in the covering letter document to the files you would like us to see, and ensure we can access them.
  • If you are using something other than writing in your covering letter, use captions to explain, otherwise, it might not be clear how it is relevant.
  • If you are linking to video/ audio files, please ensure the maximum content you want us to view is 5 minutes long. You may link to a longer or to multiple pieces but include timecodes of the relevant parts.
  • Think about  how what you are sharing relates to what you’ll be doing on your placement according to the placement advert.
  • You can make multiple applications but they must be tailored to each department. Your information will be saved on the online portal.

In your application DON'T

  • Over-exaggerate your level of experience. If we offer you a placement it will be fitted to what we know about your experience and how we can help develop your current skillset.
  • Send unsuitable links, either due to inappropriate content or content that is not virus-secure.
  • Spend time making something (e.g. a costume to photograph) just for us for your covering letter document. The covering letter is to explain what you can do, not to challenge you to prove yourself to us.
  • Go over two pages for your covering letter document.
  • Mention more than one department, if you are interested in another department you can apply to them separately.

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