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Production Shot of The Sad Club - 2019 Connections Festival


Connections 2022 Portfolio

The Connections 2022 programme of plays includes six new commissions, and four plays that were originally part of previous Connections cycles.

All Connections commissions are developed with input from young people. Lockdown has impacted our ability to work in this way, which is why have included some plays back from previous Connections cycles, to allow our new commissions suitable development time.

The Connections 2022 plays are:  


The Connections 2021 plays were:

  • Tuesday by Alison Carr
  • Look Up by Andrew Muir
  • Crusaders by Frances Poet
  • The Marxist in Heaven by Hattie Naylor
  • A series of public apologies (in response to an unfortunate incident in the school lavatories) by John Donnelly
  • Wind / Rush Generation(s) by Mojisola Adebayo
  • Witches Can't Be Burned by Silva Semerciyan
  • The IT by Vivienne Franzmann
  • Find a Partner by Miriam Battye
  • Like There's No Tomorrow created by the Belgrade Young Company with Justine Themen, Claire Procter and Liz Mytton

A note on casting

At National Theatre Connections we think long and hard about every play that we put into the portfolio. The writers whose plays make up our portfolios offer their plays as stories about humanity, and we want the plays to be for everyone, and to tell stories about a wide range of experiences, from around the world.

We are proud to continue to offer plays that challenge young people to experience life in someone else’s shoes, and transport them to different times, places and emotional landscapes. We encourage our playwrights to keep the casting options for their plays as open as possible.

For all plays in the portfolio, all parts can be played by D/deaf and disabled performers and, apart from where the playwright states otherwise, by actors of any gender or ethnicity.

If your group doesn’t exactly match the apparent casting requirements of a play in terms of race, ethnicity or gender, and you would like to produce it, we would still encourage you to do so.

Any queries or changes regarding casting should be checked with the Connections team and we will advise accordingly.

Where locations are specified, rather than being preoccupied with accents, we recommend focussing your energies on finding the emotional truth of these settings.

Visit the NT Bookshop to buy previous Connections Anthologies.

For info on acquiring rights to the plays see the FAQs. 

Photograph by The Other Richard