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Acquiring rights to Connections Plays

The National Theatre has commissioned more than 150 new plays for Connections.

The NT holds the rights to plays commissioned for Connections for a further two months after the NT Connections Festival (in July). During this time the NT will decide whether we wish to produce a professional production of any of the plays.

If the NT does produce a play then the NT holds exclusive performance rights for the full duration of the run.

If the NT does not exercise the option to produce a professional production, the rights are then released back to the agent of the writer. Until the option period or run has ceased the NT cannot release the rights for any of the plays.

After either of these periods has expired, if you wish to perform a past Connections script, you must contact the relevant writer’s agent to obtain the rights. Each year new Connections plays are published in an anthology, which also contains details of writers’ agents.

When staging a Connections play, the following credit should be used:

[TITLE OF PLAY] by [WRITER] was first commissioned and produced by National Theatre Connections in [YEAR OF PRODUCTION]

Visit the NT Bookshop to buy previous Connections Anthologies.

Contact us

The Connections team is part of the NT Learning Department. We are:

Ros Terry

Adele Geddes
Assistant Producer

You can contact the Connections team on or 020 7452 3313

Connections is supported by:

The Buffini Chao Foundation, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Delta Air Lines, Jacqueline and Richard Worswick, The EBM Charitable Trust, Samantha and Richard Campbell-Breeden, The Garvey Family Trust, Susan Miller and Byron Grote, Hays Travel Foundation, Faithorn Farrell Timms and supporters of the Connections Appeal

Buffini Chao Foundation    Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation    Delta Airlines