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2017 Gender Pay Gap Data

2017 Gender Pay Gap Data

Our 2017 data shows a gender pay gap close to zero, which marginally favours women. This is substantially ahead of the UK average, and something we’ve been working hard to achieve over a number of years.
There are several pieces of data we now publish on our website and on the government’s gender pay gap service:

  1. The mean and median gender pay gap in hourly rate
  2. The proportion of men and women in each quartile pay band
  3. The mean and median bonus gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is not the same as unequal pay, which is paying men and women differently for doing the same or similar work.

Our 2017 gender pay gap data


Difference in hourly rate

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 1.1% higher than men’s
    The mean gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly wage of men and women, across the whole of the National Theatre. Our mean gender pay gap is -1.1%; the UK average is 17.4%.


  • Women’s median hourly rate is 3.0% higher than men’s
    The median gender pay gap is the difference in hourly wage between the ‘middle paid’ man and the ‘middle paid’ woman, when all employees are ranked from the highest to the lowest paid. Our median gender pay gap is -3.0%; the UK average is 18.4%.


Proportion of women in each pay quartile

  Women Men
Top quartile (highest paid) 51% 49%
Upper middle quartile 51% 49%
Lower middle quartile 53% 47%
Lower quartile (lowest paid) 46% 54%


Who received bonus pay

The National Theatre does not offer bonuses.