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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We are committed to embedding environmental sustainability at the heart of National Theatre’s practice - making the very best theatre to inspire generations to come.

Climate change and environmental loss are some of the greatest issues facing humankind today. Urgent and ambitious action is required across all sectors of society in order to address these issues and ensure a better, more equitable future. We are committed to embedding environmental thinking in all activity, from creative programmes and audience communication, to our choice of materials and services and our on-site operations.

Providing world-class theatre carries an environmental impact, but at the National Theatre we aim to inspire our community to action, amplifying best practice and building a sustainable working culture. Continuing our long tradition of open and collaborative working, we are actively contributing to the growing network of organisations working toward the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to no more than 2°C. We believe this model of sustainable development will ensure National Theatre remains an innovative and resilient cultural venue, galvanizing the sector and contributing to the health and prosperity of society as a whole.

Our commitments:

  • To embed environmental sustainability at the heart of National Theatre’s practice
  • To set year on year carbon reduction targets
  • To report on our progress annually
  • To share our experience and learn from others within the wider sector


Our approach:

We will group all of our activity into three areas: People, Place and Production.

People: Driving change and developing a culture of sustainability within our communities

Place: Creating a low carbon, resource efficient site which contributes to the well-being of those using it, its local environment and community

Production: Developing and rolling out a sustainable production model, and sharing best practice with the wider sector

Monitoring and reporting:

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by our Board and updated as necessary. The policy is supported by our Environmental Strategy, and implementation and performance will be continuously evaluated through departmental action plans and environmental monitoring and measurement.