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Ugly Lies the Bone VR installation

An interactive virtual reality experience

Ugly Lies the Bone VR installation

Ugly Lies the Bone VR installation

Ugly Lies the Bone, a new play by award-winning American playwright Lindsey Ferrentino, follows Jess, a soldier returning home to Florida after three tours in Afghanistan and months in a severe burns unit. Experimenting with a pioneering virtual reality therapy, she builds a breathtaking new world where she can escape her pain.

Studies have shown that VR can provide effective pain relief, and Firsthand, the company behind COOL! have been at the forefront of VR pain research for many years - they worked on SnowWorld, the VR pain control therapy which inspired Ugly Lies the Bone.

Now audiences can experience COOL!, a VR Pain Control therapy similar to that which Jess experiences in the show, in an immersive installation in the Lyttelton Lounge after performances.

This was a free installation, available in the Lyttelton Lounge following performances of Ugly Lies the Bone.

Ugly Lies the Bone played in the Lyttelton Theatre until 6 June 2017.