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Relaxed Environment performances

Relaxed Environment performances

These are perfect for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment. These performances allow for noise and movement in the auditorium, re-entry when needed and a chill-out space for patrons who may need time away from the performance. 

A Relaxed Environment performance is perfect for anyone who benefits from being able to make a noise, leave and return to their seat or access the toilets during the performance. This would include customers with dementia, anxiety, Tourette’s, bowel and bladder conditions, an autism spectrum condition, or a learning disability. 

Relaxed Environment performances have no adjustments made to the performance. They are not suitable for customers with sensory sensitivities. We offer fully Sensory Adapter Performances and you can find details and a link to Sensory Adapted performances here.

Please call the Box Office on 020 7452 3961 to book

Follow the link for Relaxed Environment and Sensory Adapted performances below.