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Our Generation

a new play by Alecky Blythe
A co-production with Chichester Festival Theatre

Alex Jarrett steps forward, centre-stage front, arms outstretched and smiling, with members of the company sat or crouching behind her.

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An epic coming-of-age drama that’s too extraordinary to be fiction​.

Alecky Blythe follows the success of London Road with her astonishing new verbatim play that tells the stories of a generation.

Created from five years of interviews with 12 young people from across the UK, Our Generation is a captivating portrait of their journey into adulthood.

Often too extraordinary to be fiction, this funny and moving play is for anyone who is – or has ever been – a teenager.

Making his directorial debut at the National Theatre, Daniel Evans leads the team in this co-production with Chichester Festival Theatre.