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A series of training courses to improve your professional performances.

Theatreworks is delivered by highly qualified and experienced trainers, who are directors and actors. Techniques used by theatre professionals are applied to improve communication, voice, body language and personal impact. We can deliver workshops in rehearsal rooms at the National Theatre, or at your own venue.

What skills are developed?

  • Increased self-awareness and skills to influence and affect others
  • Insights into how to command a room
  • Increased confidence in communicating effectively
  • An understanding of physical presence and body language
  • Improved use of voice and breathing
  • Team building and managing relationships

What should I expect?

  • We speak to you and find out what you want to get out of the training.
  • Full, half-day, 1:1 coaching sessions or bespoke workshops are available.
  • For bespoke workshops, we get to know you and your organisation and tailor the training to suit your needs.

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