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The National Theatre

“Very few UK industries are world-class. Theatre is, and it brings with it a bucket-load of economic and social benefits. The NT is an amazing place full of amazing people and elicits enormous affection, pride and passion in audiences around the world. Therapeutic, educational and egalitarian — it is an organisation for the moment. Not many organisations can influence and change the world — we can. We are asking you to equip us to do what we do best.“ 

Rufus Norris and Lisa Burger, Joint Chief Executives 

The National Theatre is working harder than ever to share world-class theatre that entertains and inspires.  

Your support celebrates the people who sit at the heart of everything we do and has the power positively change people’s lives.   

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“Being on attachment at the National Theatre changed my life. I made friendships and a support network that have endured ever since. For a writer starting out or looking for inspiration and a place to call  home, the NT attachment programme has no equal.” 

Matt Charman, Playwright and Screenwriter

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Young People

“Six of the young people who took part are going to University and reaching higher education because of the opportunity Connections gave them. They are the first in their families to attend higher education. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!”  

Teacher, Paisley 

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“If you had to design a sector that would be worst affected by a pandemic, you would design a thing called theatre. Everything about us makes us vulnerable to this crisis. But if you had to design an art form to help us come back from this crisis – to console, amuse, divert, boost the economy and create connections with people – you would create theatre.”

David Grieg, Playwright and Director

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The National Theatre strives for best practice in fundraising and is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.
We are transparent with our donors and supporters, ensuring that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

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