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All Kinds of Limbo XR

Raffy Bushman & Nubiya Brandon
with NuShape Orchestra

From 18 January 2022
Running Time: approx. 20 minutes

VR headset, phone, tablet, desktop

All Kinds of Limbo XR

Bring our immersive musical performance into your own home in a number of new and exciting ways.

All Kinds of Limbo is a unique musical performance that was developed alongside the our 2019 production of Andrea Levy’s award-winning novel Small Island.

Writer and vocalist Nubiya Brandon, composer Raffy Bushman and the Nu Shape Orchestra take the audience on a musical journey inspired by the influence of Caribbean culture on the UK's music scene, with Nubiya telling her own story of a life in limbo across the genres of reggae, grime, classical and calypso..

Now, for the first time, All Kinds of Limbo XR will allow audiences worldwide to experience the same communal musical performance simultaneously in a number of different ways: via a Virtual Reality headset, as Augmented Reality on a phone or tablet, or as a desktop experience.

All Kinds of Limbo is an incredibly important piece to me. We take the audience on a journey through the UK’s kaleidoscopic musical movements and by doing so, two stories are placed alongside each other: a timeline of my own accord of the cultural and social changes since the Windrush with an insight into the catalogue of musical memorabilia that I see as a warped cultural understanding of myself. And also my own story of a life in limbo: the struggles of being born with estranged roots, striving for an identity that is uncertain – whilst purely being a product of my surroundings. I’m so delighted that international audiences will be able to experience it in multiple forms.” Nubiya Brandon

Find out more and book tickets for performances from 18 January 2022 via DICE

The music from All Kinds of Limbo is available on all music streaming platforms exclusively distributed by Broadway Records

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All Kinds of Limbo XR | An immersive holographic performance from the National Theatre: Trailer 2022

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Artwork photography by Blue Laybourne. Concept and art direction by Nubiya Brandon and Émilie Chen.