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Death of England: Face to Face

Two men in a flat. One sits with his legs stretched out on a sofa, the other crouches behind the sofa, leaning on its back. Both look intently at something out of the picture.

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January 2021. Britain is locked down, divided and facing some difficult truths. Old friends Michael and Delroy are dealing with issues much closer to home.

Tensions are running high. During an explosive afternoon in Delroy’s East London flat, the pair are forced to confront their relationship with their country – and with each other.

Neil Maskell (Peaky Blinders) and Giles Terera (Hamilton) play Michael and Delroy in this powerful and timely new film from the National Theatre.

The film is written by Clint Dyer and Roy Williamsand directed by Clint Dyer.

An original film for TV.

Death of England: Face to Face premiered at 10pm on Sky Arts on Thursday 25 November 2021.

It was presented by Sky Arts and No Guarantees, and produced by the National Theatre, in association with Sabel Productions and Cuba Pictures. Filming was made possible thanks to the generosity of Graham and Joanna Barker.