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Sexual Harassment policy

All workplaces should be free from sexual harassment and the National Theatre is no exception. It has always been our policy to treat such matters very seriously, and this policy sets out how all our staff can seek support and report any unwanted behaviours.

The policy aims to enable staff, creatives and practitioners to challenge any unwanted behaviour in the workplace, and to outline how we will deal with any complaints of harassment that we receive.

The policy also makes clear the standards of behaviour we expect from all who work here. We do not tolerate sexual harassment at the National Theatre, and we will always investigate and take appropriate action.

If anyone not currently working at the NT has anything to bring to our attention they can contact either Liz Fosbury, Chief Operating Officer, or Laura Friedner, Director of People.

Sexual harassment policy key points

  • You are entitled to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment.
  • If something makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to ask for it to stop.
  • If others appear to feel differently that does not mean that you are in the wrong. It is what makes you feel uncomfortable that matters.
  • You should not be made to feel uncomfortable for asking people to treat you in a respectful manner. If you raise something, it is reasonable to expect colleagues to seek to amend their behaviour.
  • We want you to feel empowered to challenge matters in your own way, but we realise that this is not always easy. You have the right to expect the assistance of your manager, the HR and Welfare Departments and, if required, Senior Management in dealing with issues
  • We will always deal with any complaint from the starting point that the person complaining is telling the truth.
  • You will not be criticised for raising matters which others may feel are trivial. What you do or don’t find acceptable is a matter for you, not for others.
  • You have the right to raise things in confidence or anonymously.
  • Where acts of sexual harassment are serious, persistent or repeated despite them being “called out”,  the National will take action, including the use of the disciplinary procedure at all levels, including dismissal where merited. Punishment will vary depending on the circumstances of each case, but every complaint brought formally to management attention will be properly investigated. This will be the case even if the matter happened in the past.
  • It is always your right to make a complaint when you have been made to feel uncomfortable, and it is the National’s duty to provide a workplace free from harassment. You will never be treated unfairly for making a genuine informal or formal harassment complaint, even if it doesn’t result in formal action against the other person.

Last updated April 2021