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Schools & Amateur Groups

Schools & Amateur Groups

Schools and Colleges

We regularly supply schools and colleges with items for their productions. Students love wearing authentic theatrical costumes – especially if they discover the name of a famous actor inside!

Teachers and designers will find stock accessible and well categorised for easy selection; our clear pricing structure is useful for budgeting, and we offer a special discount for educational groups.

Amateur Organisations & Re-enactment Societies

Our amateur theatrical and opera clients can hire a single item or a complete production, and our itemised bar-coded inventories make hiring and returning items easy and efficient.

Our expanding armoury is particularly appealing to historical re-enactment groups.

What our customers say

'An inspiration… staff are helpful, understanding and incredibly knowledgable.'
Ambrose Hogan, Grey Coat Hospital School

'The service is first class and the costs very reasonable. I wouldn't consider looking anywhere else'
Head of Drama, Alleyn's School, Dulwich

'Not only a practical and well-priced costume source, but also an inspiration to both the designer and the actor.'
Judy Steadham, Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

‘An invaluable collection… well documented and easy to access.’
Claire Christie, Costume Supervisor/Designer