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Peter Gynt Talks and Events

Peter Gynt - image of a lone figure walking along the ridge of a desert dune

Peter Gynt Talks and Events

Peter Gynt

A co-production with Edinburgh International Festival
by David Hare
after Henrik Ibsen

Peter Gynt has always set his heart on being special, on being a unique individual, on being unlike anyone else. When he steals the bride from a local wedding, he sets off on a lifetime journey which will take him to Florida, to Egypt, to a mountain of trolls, and finally, only when death approaches, back to his home in Scotland. 

In this radical new version, David Hare kidnaps Ibsen’s most famous hero and runs away with him into the 21st century. James McArdle takes the title role in this epic story of transformation, following his acclaimed performances in Platonovand Angels in America. He is reunited with David Hare and Jonathan Kent, the partnership behind the triumphant Young Chekhov at Chichester Festival Theatre and the National Theatre.

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