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New for 2018 and 2019

Coming up at the NT in 2017

NT entrance Feb 2015

2018 and Beyond

NT from the North East

Nine Night: Nine Questions for Director Roy Alexander Weise

Roy Alexander Weise, director of 'Nine Night'

Nine Night: Nine Questions for Playwright Natasha Gordon

Natasha Gordon, writer of 'Nine Night'

'Boring Camp and Squalid Promiscuity’ – The Queer Soho of Absolute Hell

Absolute Hell company scene

Treasures from the Archive

Mask from The Oresteia

Simon Callow on Legendary Play Agent, Peggy Ramsay

Simon Callow (left), cover of Peggy to her Playwrights: The Letters of Margaret Ramsay, Play Agent

Model Boxes: Designing Absolute Hell

A photograph of the model box for Absolute Hell

Our new 2016-17 season at a glance

National Theatre entrance