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National Theatre Foundation

The National Theatre Foundation was set up to support the National Theatre and the Benevolent Fund exists to support the people who make up the NT: National Theatre staff, (current and former staff members), freelancers and others who have a close working relationship with the National Theatre.

Further information about the Benevolent Fund

  • The Foundation works hard to ensure that its available resources are spent as effectively and to support as wide a range of individuals as possible.
  • Benevolent grants are based on the following broad criteria
  • Putting initiatives in place to help individuals attain a sustainable position in respect of mental and financial well-being.
  • Emergency interventions to support individuals in acute crisis. Those crises might be financial – for example, the need to provide an individual with funds for food or travel in an emergency, or a mental health crisis.
  • The Foundation is eager to offer support, so we would encourage you to contact us if you think we can assist you.
  • At the same time, we do need to flag that as a relatively small charity with limited resources, we cannot offer ongoing financial or mental health support and that repeat applications are only considered in exceptional circumstances.

Guidelines for applying to the Foundation

  • The Foundation considers applications from NT staff, including contracted staff (current and former staff members), freelancers and others who have a close working relationship with the NT.
  • We ask all applicants to complete an application form. However, if you have any difficulties in filling in the form or are worried about doing that, please don’t hesitate to let us know by calling the Foundation on: 020 7452 3366 or emailing us at
  • When filling in the application form, please put in the exact dates you worked for the NT and in what capacity.
  • Please complete the income and expenditure section. This should be the income you are currently receiving.

Download an application form

Other sources of information /support you may find helpful

  • If you are in need of financial aid, we would encourage you to look to see if you might be eligible for Universal Credit or any other State Benefits.
  • If you are an employee of the NT you may find it useful to contact the NT’s free, confidential Employee Assistance Programme, run by Health Assured, who can provide general advice about financial aid which might be available through the Benefits system.
    You can contact them at any time of day or night. Please email for more details.
  • Universal credit information
  • Theatrical Guild Website
  • Theatre Charities Campaign Website

The Royal National Theatre Foundation can be contacted in confidence on:
T: 020 7452 3366