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Contacting the New Work Department

Due to the ongoing developments with the outbreak of COVID-19, The New Work Department has suspended activities temporarily. We continue to accept script and proposal submissions, but it may take up to six months for us to read and consider your work. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to invitations during this time. We apologise for the disruption and thank you for your support during this period of great uncertainty.

Barber Shop Chronicles - photo of the cast on stage, all facing towards the camera, whilst watching a football match

Contacting the New Work Department


Whenever possible, we will try to respond positively to invitations to see work.

Due to the large number we receive, we ask that you submit information about your event to the New Work Department at least 4-6 weeks before the event takes place.

We are strategic with the shows that we cover, the majority of our coverage is focussed on artists that have an established career. However, the Department is open to seeing the work of artists at the earlier end of their careers; we prioritise attendance at fully realised productions rather than Scratch or Work in Progress sharing’s. We attend readings to observe the work of writers only. 

We aim to cover the largest range of artists, if we have seen your work in the last 12 months we may not be able to attend on this occasion. To let us know about opportunities to see your work please fill in this online form.

Script submissions

We are happy to receive and consider unsolicited scripts from the UK and Ireland.

Scripts should be submitted in .doc or .pdf format via email to [email protected] and all submissions receive an acknowledgement.
We aim to respond to writers within three months. We are unable to provide feedback on all submissions but we aim to do so for those pieces of work with particular promise for development.

Please ensure your script meets our Submission Criteria below before submitting:

  • Scripts must be full-length (with a playing time of at least one hour)
  • We do not consider re-drafts of plays previously submitted to us, unless requested
  • We do not accept scripts written for film, television or radio, but we do accept versions and adaptations for the stage
  • We no longer accept handwritten or hard copy submissions
  • Musical submissions should provide a link to supporting materials via or similar
  • If submitting multiple plays to us, please indicate an order in which you would like these to be read

If you have any further enquiries about this process please contact the Senior Reader at [email protected]

Directing opportunities

If you are interested in the Staff (Assistant) Directing programme or Director Training opportunities, please contact the Directing opportunities at [email protected] with a pdf of your current CV and invite us to see your work (see section regarding invitations). Please note the opportunities we have in the main go to directors who have been making work professionally for at least 3-5 years, and who have built a reputation for themselves and their work. We are looking for people who make work in many and varied ways, right across the spectrum, from text based to devised work.


Most of the New Work Department’s work takes place by invitation, and we rarely take forward unsolicited proposals from artists we don’t already have an existing relationship with. The pathways towards beginning this conversation are through coverage of your work or through script submissions.

If you have had positive responses from us to your work and you feel you are ready to make work that matches the NT’s scale, please send an outline of the proposal and creative team biographies to Proposals at [email protected].

For all other enquiries, please contact the Assistant to the Head of New Work at [email protected].


Image of The Barber Shop Chronicles, photo by Marc Brenner