There has been a long history of Shakespeare productions at the National Theatre, and the history of the creation of the National is inextricably linked with William Shakespeare. Effingham Wilson’s proposal for a national theatre was partly inspired by the purchase of Shakespeare’s Birthplace for the nation in 1847. In his 1848 Proposition for a National Theatre he set out a claim that a theatre, ‘a house for Shakespeare’, would be an important complement to the preservation of Shakespeare’s house. This collection of videos is from recent Shakespeare productions. 

Discover more about the Bard's work brought to life on stage, as this film reflects on the range of Shakespeare productions that have been staged at the National Theatre since 1963.

Sam Mendes and Simon Russell Beale give an insight into the current production of King Lear.

Simon Russell Beale talks to Mark Leipacher about taking on the role of King Lear.

edited Platform on King Lear, focusing on the three daughters

Stephen Boxer (Gloucester), Sam Troughton (Edmund) and Tom Brooke (Edgar) talk to Mark Leipacher about the National Theatre's current production of King Lear.

Professors Carol Chillington Rutter and Tony Howard alongside Adrian Lester discuss the National Theatre's four productions of Othello 1964-2013.

Exploring the characters and relationships of Othello and Iago in this production of Othello.

Rory Kinnear and Lyndsey Marshal talk to Al Senter about their roles in Nicholas Hytner's current production of Othello and their acting careers.

Fight Director Kate Waters works with the cast of Othello to create the fight sequence in Othello.

Cast members Natalie Dew, Tendayi Jembere, Ashley Chin and Lashana Lynch with director Bijan Sheibani explain how movement was used in this 2013 production of Romeo and Juliet to represent the Montagues and Capulets.