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Website help

Website help

Having trouble using the site? This page is intended to help, with answers and links to resources.

Please note: Some older devices may be running web browsers that are no longer supported by their manufacturers; for example, Internet Explorer (IE), and parts of our website will not work when viewed on such browsers. Affected features may include videos, Date listings and ticket selection and payments.

If you are having trouble finding an answer to your question about the National Theatre, please try the Help Centre, where you'll find answers to questions such as what to expect during your visit to the National Theatre, how to find the low price tickets at the National, and many others.

Need help with tickets? 

If you are having trouble buying tickets, please contact the Website Booking Helpline:

Open Monday - Saturday, 9.30am - 8pm.

Call: 020 3989 5455.


Website feedback

Please use the Box Office email to report non-ticket buying technical problems or errors relating to the design or performance of the site.

Other contact details can be found on our Help Centre pages, where you can find answers to many frequently asked questions.


Benefits of creating an account

If you want to receive regular emails from us you can join any one of our lists: NT News and NT Live  and we will create an account for you when you join.

To be able to manage your contact details you need to access your account and you can do this if you set a password when you first join, or you can use the Reset Password function (on the Login screen) subsequently to gain access to your account.

If you want to book tickets and have only signed up to one of the lists above, you will need to complete your address details, either during the checkout process, or by visiting your account before begining the booking process.

You can also Register your full details, allowing you to sign up to any one of our lists and be ready to buy tickets in one straightforward process.

There are a number of points worth noting when using this site:


This website has been developed to conform to the W3C accessibility guidelines for level AA compliance. We have endeavoured to conform to all the presented guidelines in Level AA wherever possible.

For information and links to set font and other accessibility features, visit our Accessibility page.


There is a link to What's on at the top right on all pages.

The Menu link at the top left of all pages provides links to all other sections of the website and featured pages for each section.

Each section of the site has main and subsidiary links on the left of each page. Where the latter exist, they lead to more information relating to the subject selected from the main links in the left hand column.


The site is divided into five main sections:

  • What's on: for all shows at the National Theatre, our transfers to the West End and shows by other theatre companies for whom we are selling tickets. There are also links to talks, courses, workshops and events.
  • Your Visit: details of all venues at the National and facilities run by the National Theatre, such as our restaurants, bars and bookshop.
  • Learning: for talks, courses, events and activities for adults, young people, families and schools.
  • Support us: details ways for individuals, companies, trusts and foundations to get closer to, and support the work of, the National Theatre.
  • About us: for background and history of the National Theatre, Press releases and career opportunities.


There are also specific sections for Costume and Props HireAmerican Express Experiences, our Blogour young persons' tickets deals 16 - 25 Tickets, and personal and development training opportunities available in Theatreworks.


There is a site-wide free text search (in the top right of any page) and also an event search for all ticket events on the What's on page.

Login/Logout, MyNT and view Basket links

These links are all located on the top-right of the screen. We are currently in the process of phasing in significant changes to our website infrastructure and we currently have three sub-domains, our website content on www, our Dates listings on events, and our ticketing and account pages, on tickets. Our website content pages do not currently know if you are logged in or not, and display 'Login' permanently. The Dates and tickets pages know if you are logged in and will display either 'Login' or 'Logout' based on your session status.

Once the content website is updated later in 2022, the Login/Logout buttons will all display the same value, based on whether you are logged in or not. In the meantime, we are exploring whether a temporary solution can be found to switch the Login button on the website content pages to 'Logout' when you have logged in.