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Facilities for deaf and hearing impaired people

Facilities for deaf and hearing impaired people

Free Mailing List for Captioned Performances

If you'd like to receive updates and booking information for captioned performances please contact:

Tel 020 7452 3000 

Fax 020 7452 3535


The following facilities are available for our Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers.

Hearing dogs for the deaf

Assistance dogs can be taken into the auditoriums. Please mention this when booking and you'll be offered an aisle seat. Alternatively, dogs may be left in the care of front-of-house staff. Please phone 020 7452 3000 or email in advance of your visit.

Captioned performances

The National offers captioned performances for most productions. A block of seats is reserved to ensure a good view of the caption box or boxes.

Signed performances

The National offers signed performances for some productions. 

Hearing enhancement & headsets

An infra-red audio system is available in all three theatres. Two types of hearing enhancement are available: headsets for people who don't use hearing aids, or neck loops for use with a hearing aid by switching it to the 'T' position. Headsets are essential and should be collected before the performance from the Box Office in whichever theatre you're seeing a show.

Playtexts and programmes are available from the Bookshop. Order online, by phone 020 7452 3456, fax 020 7452 3457 or email We also offer a script lending service. Phone 020 7452 3238, fax 020 7452 3344 or email


Free synopses are available for all signed and captioned performances. They can be sent in advance of your visit and are also available on the day from the Box Office.