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Smart Caption Glasses

People wearing Smart Caption Glasses at a performance in the theatre

Smart Caption Glasses

Smart caption glasses are a revolutionary new way for people with hearing loss to enjoy performances at the National Theatre.

When wearing the glasses, users will see a transcript of the dialogue and descriptions of the sound from a performance displayed on the lenses of the glasses.

For the first time, service users can experience our productions from any seat in any theatre.

Developed with
support from

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Glasses designed and manufactured by Epson

Smart caption glasses are the culmination of a 4 year collaboration between the National Theatre and speech and language experts led by Professor Andrew Lambourne

Smart caption glasses are supported by The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust and the Kirby Laing Foundation


How do I book a pair of caption glasses?

See the guide below for more details of how to book.
If you're booking for multiple productions and require glasses for each performance in your booking, you'll need to add glasses for each performance you've booked. 
Smart caption glasses are generally available for performances shortly after the Press Night for each show.

How do smart caption glasses work?

Watch our instructional video to find out how to use the glasses.

Can I still wear my glasses when using smart caption glasses?

Yes you can. Smart caption glasses are adjustable and fit over your glasses.

Do I have to book a captioned performance to be able to book or use smart captioned glasses?

No, you don't have to book for a captioned peformance. Smart glasses can be booked for any performance listed via the booking links at the bottom of this page.

Where do I collect my glasses when I arrive at the theatre?

Please come to Box Office when you arrive who will be able to assist with picking up your glasses for the performance. Glasses will be available to collect up to 30 minutes before the start of the performance. If possible, drop coats and bags in the cloakroom before collecting your glasses.

How can I find out more about smart caption glasses?

For booking enquiries email the Box Office on or call 020 7452 3961.
For Access information email or call 020 7452 3284.
For all other enquiries email

Smart caption glasses will be available for the shows listed below

A guide to buying tickets and getting smart caption glasses

  1. Check the availability of glasses and show tickets by following the show links below
  2. Select a preferred show performance on a day when glasses are also available, and add show tickets to your basket
  3. Then Continue shopping and select the smart caption glasses block on the What’s on page (you will then return to this page)
  4. Select the show again from the link below
  5. Select Book now for the glasses option on the same day you have selected your show tickets, select the required quantity of glasses and go to checkout


If you already have tickets for any of these shows, you can select the glasses only - just make sure you select the correct date.

For both booking paths, please ignore the 12pm time - booked glasses will be available to collect from 30 mins prior to the performance you are attending.

And you can also book by calling the Box Office on 020 7452 3961.

Downstate and smart caption glasses

Four men convicted of sex crimes against minors share a group home where they live out their lives in the shadow of the offences they committed. Content advisory details are on the show page.

Find ticket and Smart Caption Glasses availability

Introducing Smart Caption Glasses

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