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Short courses, Conferences and Events

Image of participants in Theatreworks workshop

Short courses, Conferences and Events

Theatreworks offers short sessions as a one-off or as a series of lunchtime masterclasses, for example.  These sessions are ideal for conferences, offering a participatory session to complement the themes of your event, or as an energiser session to reinvigorate your delegates.   We can also work with your conference speakers to help them deliver memorable and engaging presentations.

Theatreworks short sessions include:

•         Getting your message across
•         Communicating with creativity
•         Understanding status
•         Non-verbal communication
•         Improving your voice

Taking the Stage

For a truly memorable experience, Theatreworks offers presentation skills training on the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre stage.  Experience what it’s like to address an audience and get expert coaching from our actors and directors on how to get the most out of your moment in the spotlight.

To book a session for your event or to discuss any aspect of Theatreworks, please call us on 020 7452 3815 or email