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Open Courses for individuals

Theatreworks event with participants

Open Courses for individuals

Open Courses are best suited to people at middle-management level and above. The courses run from 9.15am to 5.30pm and are followed by an opportunity to see a show at the National Theatre (included in the cost of the course). 

Theatreworks runs full-day Open Courses throughout the year exploring the themes of Personal Impact and Influence and Rapport in rehearsal spaces at the National Theatre. Each course costs £440 or you can book a two-day package with both courses for £792. 

'Brilliant way to understand and improve your communication style. Broadens your mind, explores your body, builds your confidence' 
Kat, Circle Health 

‘A liberating experience’
Eleanor, UKTI

'One of the most scary and most rewarding courses' 
Chaka, Stonewall

'Dynamic and practical'
Neil, SABMiller

To book a course please contact us at 020 7452 3815 or email

The Personal Impact open course aims to give participants:

  • An insight into what makes people interesting to listen to
  • Improved use of voice and breathing
  • Active listening skills and techniques for concentration and relaxation
  • An understanding of physical presence and body language
  • Increased confidence in communicating to an audience
  • The ability to harness their own personality, presence and purpose to affect a group

The Influence and Rapport open course aims to give participants:

  • Increased confidence and assertiveness in meetings
  • An understanding of the effect of status
  • Tools for influencing and persuading colleagues and clients
  • Tools for influencing upwards
  • The confidence to improvise and deal with the unexpected in meetings
  • New ways of pitching ideas

Upcoming Open Course Dates, 2018​​

  • Weds 13 June 2018 - Personal Impact
  • Thurs 14 June 2018 - Influence & Rapport
  • Weds 19 Sept 2018 - Personal Impact
  • Weds 14 Nov 2018 - Personal Impact
  • Thurs 15 Nov 2018 - Influence & Rapport