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Sidney E. Frank Foundation and digital projects

Small Island NT Live Camera Rehearsal

Sidney E. Frank Foundation and digital projects

The Sidney E. Frank Foundation has generously funded digital innovations at the National Theatre that have helped us to broaden our audiences and enrich their engagement with theatre. These projects have included the digitisation of production-related materials in our Archive, longform content like documentaries and our NT Live cinema broadcast programme.


Since 2015, the Foundation has supported the NT Collection, our schools streaming platform. The NT Collection features high-quality recordings of 30 world-class productions – drawing from ten years of NT Live broadcasts and our unparalleled Archive – together with educational resources that help learners explore the productions and the craft behind them.


With the support of the Foundation, we were able to make the NT Collection available worldwide to schools, colleges, universities and libraries. When UK schools closed as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, we enabled all state school students to access the NT Collection from their homes for free.

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