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Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous supporters who have helped to make theatre for everyone:

Current as of June 2018


Master of the Revels 

Areté Foundation / Betsy & Ed Cohen 
Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly 
Monica Gerard-Sharp 
Mary M. Miner
Leila Maw Straus 


Cleopatra's Courtier 

Graham & Joanna Barker 
Anna K 


Antony's Army

Sue Enoch 
Anne Fitzpatrick 
Roger & Jane Formby 
The Robert and Joyce Menschel Family Foundation
and 1 anonymous donor 


Shakespeare's Company

Penny and Bill Bardel 
Joan Burstein CBE 
John Coates Charitable Trust 
The Council for Canadian American Relations 
Stephen Dunn 
Ian & Margaret Frost 
Mrs M C Godwin 
Marlene Hess & James Zirin 
Steven Larcombe and Sonya Leydecker 
Lady Lloyd Berwick 
The Nicol Family Foundation 
The Ury Trust 
and 1 anonymous donor

The National Theatre strives for best practice in fundraising and is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.
We are transparent with our donors and supporters, ensuring that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

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