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The TelegraphNo boos but plenty of hisses... National Theatre warns of 'lives snakes' on stage


Take a look Inside the rehearsal room.

Congratulations to Simon Godwin, who was announced as the new artistic director of The Shakespeare Theatre Company in The Washington Post. 

Read more about Simon Godwin's Antony & Cleopatra in The Telegraph.

On the Story:

“It is about regime change and it has urgent connotations. You could talk about Libya or you could talk about Syria. When and why do you intervene and what happens when the person you send to intervene takes up the opposing cause?”

 “It’s like one of Trump’s company falling in love with the leader of another super power. Can you imagine? It would be a huge event in world history.”


On Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo): 

“Cleopatra is an iconic part, but it is vertiginous and it requires guts.”

“Sophie has guts. She isn’t vain and she is willing to go to strange and dark places.”  

“She is radiant and sexy and she can be emotionally true."

On Antony (Ralph Fiennes): 

"the trap is to play Antony like he’s a failure. Ralph will make him a man of action, of intensity and heroism, rather than a depleted figure.”

On Octavius Caesar (Tunji Kasim):

“I don’t want to make him an administrative bore,”

“We have cast Tunji Kasim [who played the head of studio in the National’s recent production of Network] who is handsome and strong and also has a real modernity to him.”

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Antony & Cleopatra | Trailer

Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo

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