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Case study: Travelex £15 Tickets

Case study: Travelex £15 Tickets

In 2002 the National Theatre recognised that there was a need to keep ticket prices low in order to encourage first-time attendees to come to the theatre and our regular patrons to attend more frequently.

Lloyd Dorfman, Chairman of Travelex and a long-standing supporter of the theatre, recognised that a partnership with the National Theatre would generate huge value for both organisations, as well as make the magic of the theatre available to many people who were being put off by high ticket prices.

Why does the partnership work? 

Both Travelex and the National Theatre are innovative and leaders in their field. In addition, the assets of the National Theatre (banners, flytower projection and advertising campaigns) means that we are uniquely placed to deliver a high-brand recognition for Travelex.

Has the partnership been a success?

The Travelex and National Theatre partnership has run extremely smoothly from the start until today, winning an Arts and Business: Business and Brand Identity Award in 2005 and being nominated for the Arts and Business: Sustainability Award in 2008. The partnership is widely recognised as a great example of arts and business working together to mutual benefit.

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