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Madame Kalamazoo's Magical Mail

A free storytelling adventure for children

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Madame Kalamazoo's Magical Mail

Once in a blue moon something unexpected happens.

Madame Kalamazoo is a mysterious storyteller who arrived from the Blue Moon at the start of lockdown. She writes funny daily stories for children and will send them to you for FREE via the National Theatre by email. The magical thing about her stories is that they have your children in them as the main characters!

These imaginative stories have been written to help young people get through the unusual times we are living in, and to invite them into a community of children, all receiving their own special Kalamazoo adventures.

If your children choose to, they can go a step further than reading, and can contribute artwork and ideas to help move the stories along. Their artwork can be sent via a magical route to other children also receiving Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail.

Madame Kalamazoo’s stories are suitable for playful minds of any age, but so far 5-11 year olds seem to like them best.

If you would like your children to be part of the growing community receiving their own special stories from Madame Kalamazoo, then click here to register now - but remember, these pages are for grown ups' eyes only!


I like getting Madame Kalamazoo’s stories because she is magical and the stories are just for me.

Alannah (7 years old)

The kids absolutely love it. It’s easy to use and, because it’s their actual names in the stories, it feels very personal to them.

Sam (father of 7 and 4 year olds)