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Matthew Marsh

For the National: The Last of the Haussmans, Blood and Gifts, The Overwhelming (with Out of Joint), Copenhagen (also West End)
In London's West End: Glengarry Glen Ross
Other theatre includes: The Shawl, This Isn't Romance, Now or Later, Bingo, A Prayer for My Daughter, The Lightning Play, Conversations After a Burial, The Exonerated, The Little Foxes, Us and Them, A Buyer's Market, No Naughty Bits, The Goat

Hotel Taliban, Hidden, Shirley, The Other Child, Lead Balloon, Here, New Tricks, Luther, Law and Order, Turning Point, The Philanthropist, Masterworks, How Not to Live Your Life, Heartbeat, Lewis, The Street, Spooks, Marie Lloyd, Midsomer Murders, The Commander, Service, Hotel Babylon, Surviving Disaster, Belonging, Return of the Dancing Master, Wall of Silence

The Iron Lady, In Clear Sight, Treacle Junior, The Special Relationship, Red Tails, Dead Man Running, Endgame, Beyond Friendship, An American Haunting, Land of the Blind, O Jerusalem, Bad Company, Miranda, Quicksand, Spygame

Published April 2012