Danilo ‘DJ’ Walde

Danilo 'DJ' Walde is a composer, director, DJ and performer from west London.


Danilo 'DJ' Walde is a music graduate from Brunel University


Danilo 'DJ' Walde plays bass and is a founding member of Royal Treatment Plan (RTP).

RTP albums: Hope Is Not Enough, Halfway To The Sun

For the National: The Suicide

For the RSC: Pericles (arranger and composer)

Other work for theatre includes: The Little Mermaid (co-composer and co-musical director), Animal Farm (composer)


Work for dance includes: Mad Hatter's Tea Party (composer, MD and performer), Some Like It Hip Hop (composer, MD and performer), Into the Hoods (MD), Into the Hoods Remixed (MD), Against Time (MD), Dance Journeys 2014 (composer), Funk Da Cirque (director), Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation (MD), Big Dance 2006 (arranger and composer), Big Dance 2010 (arranger and composer), Big Commonwealth Dance 2014 (arranger and composer), Downhill: Hitchcock 9 (performer), Vocal Orchestra 2013 (performer)

The Holloway Laundrette (co-composer on 'Fall Into You')


Published March 2016