O-T Fagbenle

Weekend Arts College and RADA

For the National: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Walk in the Light

In London's West End: Porgy and Bess

Other theatre includes: Conquest of the South Pole, Fallout, Certified Male, Six Degrees of Separation, Romeo and Juliet, Ragamuffin

The Five, The Interceptor, Looking, Happy Endings, Brothers, My Boys, Pat and Cabbage, Quick Cuts, Secrets and Words, Death in Paradise, The Last Detective, Thorne, Material Girl, FM, As If, Rappin' at the Royal, Monday Monday, Doctor Who, Miss Marple, Grownups, Quarterlife, Little Miss Jocelyn, Dirt

Capture Anthologies: Love, Lust and Tragedy, Thorne: Sleepyhead, Double Wedding, Walter's War, Breaking and Entering, Poppies, Thorne: Scaredycat, Big Bad Blood (writer and director), MOTH (writer and director)