Gary Beadle

For the National: Les Blancs, Black Poppies (NT Studio)

Other theatre includes: Hapgood, The Whipping Man, We Know Where You Live, The Rise and Shine of Comrade Fiasco, Banksy: The Room in the Elephant, You Know Who You Are, Blue Remembered Hills, Sucker Punch, Family Man, Top Dog Under Dog, The Memory of Water, Generations of the Dead in the Abyss of Coney Island Madness, Ticker Tape and V Signs, Welcome Home Jacko, Moby Dick, God's Second in Command, Alterations, Club Mix

Doctors, The Interceptor, Common Ground, Crime Stories, Hustle, Casualty, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Kerching!, Little Britain, EastEnders, Family Affairs, The Bill, Absolutely Fabulous, Born to Run, Thieftakers, Glam Metal Detectives, Shall I Be Mother?, Saturday Action, Murphy's Mob, Lenny Henry Show, Relative Strangers, Honeymoon


In the Heart of the Sea, Cockney vs Zombie, Til Death Do Us Part, Wit, The Imitators, Driven, Memoirs of a Survivor, Fords on Water, Absolute Beginners, Playing Away, Cresta Run, White Mischief