Aran Jones

Aran Jones is the methodology author and CEO for, whose SaySomethinginWelsh course has reached tens of thousands of learners and is being piloted in schools in Wales this year. He is currently working on the development of an AI-produced audio/video delivery method to create a language tutor on your phone for a new English course for Mandarin speakers, and the team at are also working on refining a course production algorithm to make it possible to build courses for all remaining 7,000 languages.

Aran Jones is the accelerated language coach for the S4C TV series Iaith ar Daith in which celebrities have a short period of time to learn and then travel through Wales using their Welsh, and he’s worked recently as a language and pronunciation coach with Joanna Scanlan in the new bilingual drama Y Golau/Keeping the Light On



(Updated April 2022)