Gitika Buttoo

Gitika Buttoo has been the full time Artistic Associate of Birmingham Opera Company, Associate Director and Engagement Manager of LUNG Theatre as well as Associate for the National Theatre as part of Public Acts.

For the National: The Father and the Assassin

Her work for theatre as director includes: Chop Chop and India Pale Ale at Octagon, Bolton; Love n Stuff at Oldham Coliseum, Watford Palace and Sheffield theatres; Disproportionately Affected for Tara; The Jungle Book for Grosvenor Park; Storyhouse; Run(A)way for the Young Vic; Northern Girls for Pilot; Beyond Shame at Derby; and Trojan Horse (as associate director) for LUNG.

As assistant director, work includes: East Is East at Octagon; and Ode to Leeds at Leeds Playhouse. Radio includes Baby Mama and Queens.


(Updated May 2022)