Darrel Bailey portrait

Darrel Bailey

Darrel Bailey trained at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

For the National: Small Island

Other productions include: As You Like It, Twelfth Night and The Merry Wives of Windsor for Open Bar; One Hundred Trillion for Dot Collective; Alice in Wonderland for Sixteenfeet; Much Ado About Nothing for Iris; BNWT (Get Your Foot In) for Above the Arts and Paperback Pictures; Playing in Darkness for Miniaturists and Arcola Theatre; Mojo for LOST; Oedipus for Almeida Projects; The Hate Play and Mark & The Marked (also for the Royal Opera House) for Box Clever; Macbeth and Romeo, Othello and Juliet for Young Shakespeare Company; Heir to the Throne for Wicked Bodies and RIFT; Robin Hood for Big Foot Arts; and Romeo and Juliet (on European tour) for TNT.

Shadow and Bone and EastEnders.

Short film includes Role, A Justice Not Our Own, Fixing War in Post, A&E, Bump and The Zero Hour.


(Updated February 2022. Photograph courtesy of Darrel Bailey)