Kae Tempest

Kae Tempest is a poet, writer, lyricist, performer and recording artist. Tempest has published plays, poems, a novel, a book-length non-fiction essay, released albums and toured extensively. Their books have been translated into 11 languages and published around the world.

For the National: Paradise

Other plays and long-form poems include: Brand New Ancients, Wasted, Glasshouse, Hopelessly Devoted

Books include: On Connection, The Bricks that Build the Houses

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Albums include: The Book of Traps and Lessons, Let Them Eat Chaos, Everybody Down, Balance

Next Generation Poet (2014)

Everybody Down – Mercury Music Prize nomination

Let Them Eat Chaos – Mercury Music Prize nomination

The Book of Traps and Lessons – Ivor Novello nomination, Best Album

‘Firesmoke’ – Ivor Novello nomination, Best Contemporary Song

Brand New Ancients – Ted Hughes Award

Leone d’Argento at the Venice Teatro Biennale for their work as a playwright

(Published June 2021)