Heather Rome

Heather Rome trained at Mountview Theatre School and The Actors Centre and has a BA in French Literature from Williams College, USA. 

For the National: John

Other theatre includes: LifeGood People, Out of the Circle, Franchise, The Member of the Wedding, Some God, Some Angel, Some Devil, Trafford Tanzi, The Epic of Europe, Honeymoon in Dealey PlazaMother GooseBobby

In London's West End: The Glass Menagerie.

New That’s English, Discovery/Panorama, Une Partie En TropDoctors

Revelations, The Empty Plan, Losing the Plot, United 93, True Story, Gangster Kitten, The Right Track, Whistle for Me, Hoskins, Mr. Smile, Whatever You Want, Filler, I’m Not Scared.


(Published January 2018)