Ned Bennett

LAMDA, NT Studio Director's Course, Trainee Director at Royal Court.

For the National: An OctoroonMedea (as staff director)

Other theatre includes: as director: Buggy BabyBaddiesBrixton RockThe CrocodileYenPomonaRWCMDSuperior Donuts, PrimetimePigeonsMercury FurA Butcher of Distinction.

Other theatre as assistant director includes: PigeonsDeath TaxThe President Has Come to See YouCollaborationNo QuarterNarrativeIf You Don't Let Us Dream We Won't Let You SleepThe Ritual Slaughter of Gorge MastromasOf Mice and MenA Letter to England.

- UK Theatre Award for Best Director (Pomona)

- Off West End Award for Best Director (Pomona)

- Off West End Award for Best Director (An Octoroon)


(Published May 2018)