Rez Kabir

Rez Kabir trained at Tara Arts

Rez Kabir is artistic director of Tamarind Theatre Company and executive producer for Mukul and Ghetto Tigers Theatre Company. He also has experience as a producer and writer.

For the National: Oslo

Other theatre include: East is East, The Talkative Tortoise, The Government Inspector, The Phantom Queen, Romeo and Juliet, Legend of the Black Lotus, The Wizard of the Moon, Umrao Jaan – Circle of Light, Londonee, Debdas, Enig-Mas, All Our Heroes, Truly Untold, Pericles Prince of Tyre Story Project


The Infiltrator, Zohra, What Are you Looking At?, The Northern Paradigm, Aghori (due for release in 2018/19)

(Published August 2017. Photograph courtesy of Rez Kabir)