Madlena Nedeva

Madlena Nedeva trained at RADA.

The Visit, Anastasia, All’s Well That Ends Well, Three Sisters, Break of Day, Fellini, Ghosts, Goethe’s Tasso, The Seagull, Cabaret, Marat Sade, Phaedre, The Two Noble Kinsmen

Stella, Mr Selfridge, Survivors, The Royal, Trial and Retribution, Saddam’s Tribe, Murder City, The Bill, Dangerfield, GP, The House of Eliott, The Gift, London Embassy, A Very Peculiar Practice, Freud, Thank You Comrades, The Professionals, The Robbers, The Enigma Files, The House of Bernarda Alba, The Ghost Sonata, Disraeli, Spaghetti Two Step, The Quest for Love

War and Peace