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Anna Lindup

Anna Lindup trained at LAMDA

For the National: Salomé, Plunder

In London's West End: Good People, Dead Funny

Other theatre includes: Goosebumps Alive, Memory, Monologue, Rant and A Prayer, Unforgettable, The Foursome, Maurice’s Jubilee, Pieces of String, Richard III, Jumpers, The Merchant of Venice, Mother Courage and her Children, Bedroom Farce, Tom Sawyer, Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench, Annie the Musical, Oscar and the Pink Lady, Proud, The Druid’s Rest, Ellen Terry: A Play, The Vagina Monologues, Spring and Port Wine, Stags and Hens, The Hamam Bride, Yerma, The Quite Peculiar, Irresistible Charms of Ellen Terry, The Pimp, Night Breath, The Potato Eaters, Children of the Dust, Gaslight, The Beaux’ Stratagem, The Man Who Fell in Love with his Wife, Buddy Holly, Enter a Free Man, The Matchmaker, The Glass Menagerie, Hitting Town, Red Devils, Thérèse Raquin, Lunatic, Lover, Blithe Spirit, When We Are Married

Tenko, Flying Lady, The Woman in White, The Voysey Inheritance, Casualty, The Bill, Ladykillers

The Jazz Detective, Wycliffe – The Morning Star

The Hamam Bride, Maximum Credible Accident, Whale Music, Clearing the Ground, Fish Hooks, Fixed Images, Glaring Lack of Ambition, Non-Returnables


(Published April 2017)