Richard Kent

Richard Kent trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (2004 - 2007) and was awarded the Phillip Holt Trust Commendation Award on graduation.

In London's West End: Dead Funny, Murder Ballad, The Mentalists, Bad Jews, Handbagged, 13

Other recent theatre includes: The Country Girls, Unfaithful, Oliver, Watership Down, The Winter’s Tale, Cymbeline, The Cocktail Party, Communicating Doors, Outside Mullingar, Man to Man, Multitudes, Anything Goes, This is my family, The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, A Boy and his Soul, Paper Dolls, The Merchant of Venice, The El Train, Mrs Lowry and Son, Macbeth, Sheffield Mysteries, Neighbors, The Dance of Death, Josephine Hart Poetry Week, 13, Clockwork, Titanic – Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioners Inquiry: 1912, Richard II, Mixed Marriage, Decline and Fall, Stronger and Pariah, Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains

Richard Kent worked as an associate to Christopher Oram from 2008 to 2012.


(Published May 2017)